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posted by [personal profile] raininshadows at 10:29pm on 31/12/2016 under
I'm going to try to run a January challenge. If you'd like to participate, please post your distance goal and/or active hours goal in the comments!

New participants are welcome!
 The distance goal can be in miles or kilometers, but I'll assume miles if you don't specify. Active hours can be a particular type of activity (usually biking for me), or total amount of activity (swimming, martial arts, hiking, whatever). 
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Hi Runners,

After last week, I am completely off my goal of doing something every day. Unless you count angry ranting or blanket forting as activity. Or drinking. Then I'm aces!

Anyway, check in here!

Here's our breakdown so far:
Who Running /Walking Goal Other Goal Check in 1
Ell 50 miles every day 2.5 miles 16:35 hours
Semielliptical 110 miles 7 hours 40 miles 1 hour
Rainshadows 40 miles 5 hours biking
Linaelyn 90 miles every day 28 miles
Temve 60 miles 26 hours 16 miles 6.5 hours
Dancing_serpent 20 km 4 hours
Purplecat 176 km 48 km
Bluemeridian 147 mi
Ilanarama Cheerleading
Thebookpile 4-5/week
Ridicully 75 km 10 hours/every day
Franzi awesome weights workout

Regardless, we will survive.

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Dear Runners,

Please check in here with something encouraging. Me, I've got nothing tonight.

Captain L
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Hi Runners!

I was thinking that a November Challenge is in order and I'd be happy to come out of my DW hibernation and run it this month.

There are several reasons why running would be good for us this month:

1) It's NaNo month and running boosts creativity

2) For many of us, the days are getting shorter and colder, the clocks are turning back soon or have just turned back and running can improve your mood. For all the southern hemispheric folks, running now will help get you fit for a summer of fun activities. (No, I'm not jealous. Or bitter.)

3) For all of us, the stress of the holidays is coming (and the stress of the T-word being elected next week) and running can help with anxiety and depression.

So I propose a November running challenge. Let's work together and have a great, productive, and sweaty November!

I am trying to get back into running again after a series of unfortunate events (like bad hips that lead to bad knees and moving to a new(old) continent.

My running/exercise goal this month is to do some exercise every day. Starting today. Running, I hope to get 50 miles this month. And break in the new running shoes I bought yesterday. Comment here with your goals and I will make us a spreadsheet and post our progress weekly.
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posted by [personal profile] semielliptical at 05:10pm on 29/10/2016
If you're interested, I posted about my first marathon over at my journal.

Thanks again for all your encouragement!
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posted by [personal profile] semielliptical at 09:03am on 21/10/2016
Hey there! I'm running my first marathon on Sunday, and would love to hear short stories about your first marathon, or first other big event. Advice is also welcome! Or any other distracting anecdotes. :)

I also wanted to say thank you to all of the participants in this community - the support that I've found from checking in here off and on over the last several years really helped me get to the point where I believed I could sign up to run a marathon.

And a special thank you to [personal profile] ilanarama who helped construct the training plan that I have (mostly) followed for the last 18 weeks!
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Our little group completed 559 miles and 46.75 active hours in September! Each of us that participated met at least one of our goals, or came very very close. Cheers to all of us!!

[personal profile] ilanarama 201 miles (100.5%)
[personal profile] meri_oddities 97 miles (97%), 7 hours (87.5%)
[personal profile] raininshadows 20 miles (100%), 7 hours (175%)
[personal profile] ridicully 52 km (52%), 12 hours (120%)
[personal profile] semielliptical 178 miles (89%), 6.5 hours (109%)
[personal profile] temve 31 miles (103%), 14.25 hours (53%)
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posted by [personal profile] semielliptical at 01:22pm on 01/10/2016
How did your month wind up? Comment with your miles/km and/or active hours.
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posted by [personal profile] semielliptical at 02:50pm on 28/09/2016
Sorry it took a while to get this up, I was busier than expected the last several days. Lots of progress this week!

[personal profile] ilanarama 150 miles (75%)
[personal profile] linaelyn
[personal profile] meri_oddities 78 miles (78%), 5 hours (62.5%)
[personal profile] raininshadows 8.9 miles (44.5%), 1 hour (25%)
[personal profile] ridicully 30 km (30%), 3 hours (30%)
[personal profile] semielliptical 137 miles (68.5%), 5 hours (83%)
[personal profile] temve 31 miles (103%), 14.25 hours (53%)

I'll be back in a few days with a final September check-in post - keep running/moving!
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posted by [personal profile] semielliptical at 10:13am on 24/09/2016
How was this week? Comment with your miles/kms and/or active time, and let me know if you're reporting for just this week or the entire month to date.
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