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November Challenge

Hi Runners!

I was thinking that a November Challenge is in order and I'd be happy to come out of my DW hibernation and run it this month.

There are several reasons why running would be good for us this month:

1) It's NaNo month and running boosts creativity

2) For many of us, the days are getting shorter and colder, the clocks are turning back soon or have just turned back and running can improve your mood. For all the southern hemispheric folks, running now will help get you fit for a summer of fun activities. (No, I'm not jealous. Or bitter.)

3) For all of us, the stress of the holidays is coming (and the stress of the T-word being elected next week) and running can help with anxiety and depression.

So I propose a November running challenge. Let's work together and have a great, productive, and sweaty November!

I am trying to get back into running again after a series of unfortunate events (like bad hips that lead to bad knees and moving to a new(old) continent.

My running/exercise goal this month is to do some exercise every day. Starting today. Running, I hope to get 50 miles this month. And break in the new running shoes I bought yesterday. Comment here with your goals and I will make us a spreadsheet and post our progress weekly.

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