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March challenge report#2 and check-in #3

As of March 15th, we have the following statistics:

[personal profile] alexseanchai - 38% mileage goal
[personal profile] temve - 59% mileage goal and 58% time goal
[personal profile] raininshadows - 32% mileage goal and 56% time goal
[personal profile] semielliptical - 27% mileage goal and 38% time goal
[personal profile] ell - 27% mileage goal and 94%(!) time goal
[personal profile] ridicully - 5% mileage goal and 53% time goal
[personal profile] meri_oddities - 48% mileage goal and 67% time goal
[personal profile] blnchflr - 13% mileage goal and 0% time goal, but that's only because I'm shifting her report to next week
[personal profile] ilanarama - 48% mileage goal
[personal profile] zulu - 28% mileage goal
[personal profile] cadenzamuse - no goals, but yay for your running and activing, which I will add on to the rest!

In aggregate we have run 264.6 miles, which is the total length of the four interurban rail lines connecting Dallas, TX with surrounding 1916. It is also the distance by air between Bangladesh and Bhutan. In addition we have exercised 68,75 hours which is almost 69 hours (link NSFW - it's a porn star website describing this movie, which is a porn version of the Eddie Murphy movie "48 hours").

If you didn't check in last time, I just copied your previous information over! If you just forgot or didn't have time, add it in to this week's check-in. Which is now! Please comment with your total distance in miles or km, and total active hours, for the month so far!

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