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Ilana ([personal profile] ilanarama) wrote in [community profile] runners2016-03-15 06:11 pm
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March challenge report#1 and check-in #2

Friends! Runners! Countrymen (and non-countrymen)! Lend me your shoes!

For the first week of March, we have the following statistics:

[personal profile] temve - 27% mileage goal and 20% time goal
[personal profile] ridicully - 0% mileage goal and 33% time goal
[personal profile] meri_oddities - 15% mileage goal and 17% time goal
[personal profile] blnchflr - 13% time goal and 0% time goal
[personal profile] ilanarama - 25% mileage goal, no time goal
[personal profile] zulu - 28% mileage goal, no time goal

In aggregate we have run 86.9 miles (or 139 km) which is the distance between Cherthala and Thirumalapuram, India. In addition we have exercised 10.5 hours, which is the amount of time Rand Paul spoke from his Senate desk in a symbolic filibuster in May last year.

As of yesterday (or today, whatever), how many miles have you run in March? How many hours have you, um, actived?

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