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Last weekend [personal profile] meri_oddities and I ran the Green Bay half marathon, and it was really fun. Very well-organized race. I was totally untrained, though, so we're not talking about my time.

I was using my iPhone for race tracking, and it says I ran 14.26 miles, rather than the expected 13.1. What I'm trying to figure out is, is it possible that my tangents are that horrible, or is the phone probably wrong? I've never had reason to think its distance is inaccurate before; I use it all the time running at home, and its distances have always been more or less the same as what I'd get from my Garmin on my regular routes. But, wow, that's a big difference.

Here's the mile-by-mile breakdown. I missed the first mile marker, so the first lap covers the first two miles.
Mile Marker Race Distance GPS Distance
2 2 2.08
3 1 1.03
4 1 1.03
5 1 1.11
6 1 1.13
7 1 1.1
8 1 1.09
9 1 1.05
10 1 1.04
11 1 1.07
12 1 1.08
13.1 1.1 1.45
Total 13.1 14.26

That last lap included a foray into Lambeau Field, and I stopped a few times for photos, so I'm not surprised it's on the long side. Most of the other laps aren't too awful, except for miles 5 and 6.

What do you think? Do I just need to learn to run better routes? Are my phone's numbers completely unlikely? Help!!!
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Additionally, GO YOU!!! I want to try a couple of half-marathons around here, or at least some 10k races, before summer is over. But... I haven't been training, trying to totally heal up that plantar fasciitis. I'm walking 10 miles a day right now, and running maybe 5K on a regular basis. It's nice to see you are not afraid of running a race when you haven't trained! Well done!!! <3