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linaelyn ([personal profile] linaelyn) wrote in [community profile] runners 2017-05-31 05:39 am (UTC)

Tunnels do indeed play havoc with iPhone GPS, as evidenced by my ability to spin Pokéstops (in Pokémon Go) that are up to a mile away, while driving through tunnels. (ONLY when I'm a passenger!)

As much as I'd LIKE (as an Apple Spouse, whose bread & butter comes from the company) to say the GPS on the iPhone is every bit as good as a Garmin... um... yeah. Not so much. Wearing a (2nd generation! yes, it matters) Apple Watch and ALSO using the iPhone on one's person, definitely improves the odds for being geolocated accurately.

Distance is one of the things that Apple is still working to get right. But, at least there was a recent study that showed they are best in the class, for caloric burn data and heart rate monitoring? I have a friend who had her fFitBit tell her she had a serious heart issue, and careful doctor's monitoring showed nothing. Dr.'s prescription was to borrow an apple watch for a month and see if the problem reappeared. It didn't, so she was declared the victim of tech glitch in the FitBit. :-}

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