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Thalia ([personal profile] thalia) wrote in [community profile] runners 2017-05-30 09:06 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I really don't know what happened that last 1.1 mile, unless my phone just lost the plot while we were in the tunnels going in and out of Lambeau. The route got kind of odd, but it's not like there was a lot of extra space. We were on side streets almost the whole time. I was walking around a bit in the stadium taking photos, but not enough to add a third of a mile. Weird.

There aren't many big buildings at all--Green Bay is a really tiny city, population around 100K, and I don't think we went through whatever passes for downtown.

I just got this phone in December, so I haven't run with it as much as I had my old one. But my 5s seemed pretty reliable, and I can't understand why the 7 would be much worse.

I just ordered a refurbished Garmin 235 on Amazon, so I'll wear that for a while and see how it and the phone compare. Hopefully it won't have the satellite-finding issues that my old 305 does; that got really annoying. I'll post when I've compared them a few times.

Thanks for your input--I'm really dying to figure this out.

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