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Rain ([personal profile] raininshadows) wrote in [community profile] runners2017-02-07 03:49 pm
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January results!

 Overall: not the best month. But we'll do better in February, I'm sure! 

Graph of distances and times for January 2017.

Shoutouts to [personal profile] blnchflr , [personal profile] meri_oddities , and [personal profile] semielliptical  for making their distance goals, and to [personal profile] ridicully , [personal profile] temve , [personal profile] purplecat , semielliptical again, and [personal profile] thebookpile for making their activity goals. ridicully and temve in particular managed more than twice as many active hours as intended!

Good job, everyone! 
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[personal profile] thebookpile 2017-02-09 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
Congrats to everyone. Impressive stuff!

Terrible month for me, unfortunately. I got injured right out of the gate and am only just getting back into things as of yesterday.