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Treadmill Recommendations

Hi everyone,

I recently found this group, so my apologies if this has been asked before, but do you have any recommendations for a treadmill for home use? Or even just recommended brands?

I live in Ottawa, Canada and while I don't mind running in the cold, we have already had some freezing rain this year and more is expected. I'm training for my first marathon and I don't want to miss too many training days, but when the streets turn into skating rinks (literally), I'm hesitant to venture out for fear of slipping and injuring myself.

Any insights appreciated!
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I'm not a treadmill runner (lucky enough to live in SW Colorado, where we have snow but little ice) but here are some resources:

The one thing I know from my friends who have treadmills is that you need to make sure that it's a running treadmill and not a walking treadmill - a lot of models are made with walkers in mind and don't go fast enough. Good luck! And have fun marathon training.